About Madison Palffy

Madison is a dancer, performer, performance-maker, and visual artist originally from Chicago. Her work is a continual investigation of magic, the senses, mystery, wilderness, and failure. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Hampshire College where she studied dance, performance, and queer theory. She has had the pleasure of performing in works by Kathleen Hermesdorf, Wendy Woodson, Paul Matteson, Angie Hauser, Chris Aiken, Katie Martin, Lailye Weidman, Kate Seethaler, and Cathy Nicoli among others. Her work has been shown at Studio 303 (Montreal), The Iron Factory (Philadelphia), Ponderosa (Germany), The School for Contemporary Dance and Thought (Northampton, MA), GreenSpace (NYC), Mascher Space Co-op (Philadelphia) and throughout New England. Madison is a founding member of LOCULUS, a dance and performance collective based in Northampton, MA that creates performances in non-traditional spaces and produces a quarterly journal. She teaches adult dance classes regularly through The School for Contemporary Dance and Thought in Northampton, MA and master classes through the Moving Target: Portland series.