we might be shimmering like plants in the night*

*working title

Madison and Molly have made many things together although most of these things have been discarded, kept secret, started but never finished, performed as private ritual, or simply lost. From this fragmentary and collaborative process emerged a new piece that brings together many of our shared interests including: waste, landscape, apocalypse & queer futures. This piece has been performed at AS220 in Providence, RI as a part of the Providence Movement Festival, at 10Forward/The Root Cellar in Greenfield, MA and at Flywheel Arts Collective in Easthampton, MA. We hope to keep working, morphing, changing, becoming.

We are a new species of plant-animal that feeds on trash piles and communicates in crystalline tones. We are regenerative, ecstatic golden creatures. We might be shimmering like plants in the night.


twinghostsister was created by Olana Flynn and Madison Palffy (LOCULUS collective) during the summer of 2018 as a part of a residency at The School for Contemporary Dance and Thought in Northampton, MA. The pieced toured throughout New England—at The Root Cellar in Greenfield, MA / The Apohadian Theater in Portland, Maine / Mascher Space Co-op in Philadelphia, PA and The Glove in Brooklyn, NY. Olana and Madison have been collaborating for over 5 years and are interested in work that values memory, multiple intelligences, and the potential for many worlds to exist in one performance. Their collaborations span the material (sound, objects, video) and immaterial (dead artists, long distance friends, ghosts). 

twinghostsister is:

  • an experiment in sharing two long-term solo practices

  • an ongoing practice of saying “yes” to whims, obsessions, and desires

  • a punk dance —whatever that means

  • haunted

  • interested in antagonisms and the amateur


The Pool is the name for the collaborative and improvisational experiments of Madison Palffy and Michelle Huber.  We dive deep into somatic practices, vocal experiments, and improvisational forms.  Our work asks us to be rigorous and vulnerable; to seek connections between our dance practice and our everyday life. Our creative work is a practice of pleasure, daring, feeling, empathy, resonance, and listening that we hope can translate to a transformative experience for the audience and ourselves. The Pool has performed throughout New England, each performance shifting and morphing to address the specificity of the space and the current questions that Michelle and Madison are researching. Some of our interests and practices inside and outside the studio include: the Feldenkrais method, magic, meditation, Authentic Movement, Non-violent Communication, and ecology. 

Past Performances and Workshops:

  • The School for Contemporary Dance and Thought, Northampton MA (November 2017)

  • Workshop at Earthdance as a part of E|Merge (February 2018)

  • Northampton Center for the Arts (February 2018)

  • Green Space, Long Island City, NY (April 22, 2018)

  • Northampton Center for the Arts (June 15-16, 2018)

  • INTERVALS #1 and #2 held at the Northampton Center for the Arts (June and July 2019)


The Dance of the Last Horse on Earth is a solo created and performed by Madison Palffy. Part cathartic Midwestern drag, part fake guided meditation, and part Hollywood movie gone wrong, The Dance of the Last Horse on Earth explores whiteness, hauntings, failure, and ugly feelings. I work in a way that is ecological, that playfully invites in the impossible, that stages historical interventions, that attempts to attune itself to non-human intelligences, that acts as a dowsing rod for the collective and universal, that acknowledges the materiality of body and earth. It premiered as a part of ASSEMBLÉE (APRIL 15-16, 2017), a new performance event series: an opportunity for WIVES collective (Emma-Kate Guimond, Julia Thomas & Aisha Sasha John) to align with other performance-makers to promote hybrid forms of genre-defying live art. The Dance of the Last Horse on Earth has also been shown at the School for the Contemporary Dance and Thought in Northampton, MA and The Iron Factory in Philadelphia, PA.

"Donning a cheap wig, red track suit reminiscent of gym teachers everywhere, and a hefty accent located just this side of Fargo, Madison Palffy’s The Dance of the Last Horse on Earth was a satirical punch in the face wrestling with decidedly darker themes. Palffy embodied an alter ego using techniques from motivational speakers to bolster her audience. But does she believe her own catchphrases? Dancing, rolling, and running in exhaustive circles, Madison seemed an enthusiastic participant in the rat race of life. Buzzing thickly underneath, however, was an inner self-questioning the chase, notably asking “Who am I?” In the end, as she turned the light onstage towards the viewer, we were left to reflect on these questions within ourselves."

-Courtney Colon https://philadelphiadance.org/dancejournal/2018/06/08/share-at-the-iron-factory-an-eclectic-collision-of-theatre-and-dance/


Choreographed and performed by Nick Walters and Madison Palffy

Ponderosa / Stolzenhagen, Germany / October 2016

cloak / calling

(a new work in progress developed at Ponderosa during the P.O.R.C.H. Choreographic Module) 

Calling upon spirits that have unfinished business / A healing of collective energy / Radio transmissions / THE OTHER SIDE / Hear the call, answer the call / A shepherd, a monk, a disguise / A ROCK AND A ROCKSTAR / THE MIDWEST / bad comedy / TREES

Choreographed and performed by Madison Palffy

Ponderosa / Stolzenhagen, Germany / October 2016

The School for Contemporary Dance and Thought / Northampton, MA / November 2016

2016-11-19 05.54.35.jpg
photos by Olana Flynn

photos by Olana Flynn


Golden Stag

You might one day be the golden stag. You might one day be running desperate perhaps a stitch in your side--perhaps a broken halfhoof. The novel of your life running out.

You might one day be the golden stag. You may one day be mute, the rocks piling up inside of you. A luminous presence in the dark woods. A deep pool, a wishing well. A well worn statue children rub for good luck. A dream to chase you. A body whose contours are outlined in lightning.

The golden stag is elemental. Is decomposing and struck with a mythic energy in the night. The golden stag’s mind is blank like that of a profound philosopher or the best birdwatcher.

Here is the golden stag in miniature form. When things are smaller they fit in your hand. Maybe your mouth. Here is a question though, what about the golden stag is irreducible, causes words to behave like slippery black eels in your mind?

A chemical process, the Midas touch. Something mysterious when pushed or pushing. If the arms flap long enough they become wings.

Golden Stag is an investigation into animals, transformation, magic, objects, myth, and Joseph Beuys. 

Choreographed and performed by Madison Palffy

Florence Civic Center / February 2016

Hadley, MA / May 2016

photo: Max Roth

photo Marc Candilore

photo Marc Candilore



The sensuality and timing of organs. How to connect to our deep selves. How can three dancers become one organism? What might a psychedelic dance look like, feel like?

Choreographed by Madison Palffy in collaboration with dancers

Performed by Olana Flynn, Molly McBride, and Madison Palffy

Hampshire College

October 2015

photo: Jim Coleman



ACCIDENTS ARRANGED IN SOME ORDER is part dance, part sculpture, part poetic stand-up comedy. ACCIDENTS is an investigation of nothingness, hauntings, flotsam and jetsam. 

choreographed and performed by Madison Palffy

shown as a part of the group show “Cold Sweat” in Holyoke, MA

April 2015

photos by Haley Morgan and Marc Candilore



Emelia and I walked each other through the first floor of our childhood homes. We listened to the sounds of woodpeckers. We wore crowns made of wire hangers. Ultimately, Gabriel grew to be a shifting landscape of states, gestures, rhythmns, and memories.

choreographed and performed by Emelia Brumbaugh and Madison Palffy

Florence, MA & Easthampton, MA Arts Walk

April / May 2014



too bad it's nothing sits on the edge of disaster, in a void full of aliens, a group of people stitching themselves back together haunted by the past. Pushing femininity and formalism to their grotesque extremes. This piece was produced as a part of my thesis work at Hampshire College titled "illogical, illegible: queer phenomenology, failure, and dance". 

choreographed by Madison Palffy in collaboration with the dancers

performed by Molly McBride, Olana Flynn, Hayley Jane Blackstone, Anna Wotring, and Idalia Buddington

costumes by Ruth Kace

Hampshire College

April 2014

photos by Jim Coleman

photos by Jim Coleman

Swallowing Stones

An improvised solo asking questions of transformation, abstraction and representation, and the grotesque.

choreographed and performed by Madison Palffy

Boston, MA & Hampshire College

February / April 2014

photos by Troy David Mercier

photos by Troy David Mercier


i've never been to your house before

What do we want? How do we want to be seen? Playing with personas and portraits. How are we the same? How are we sculptures?

choreographed and performed by Madison Palffy and Sarazina Joy Stein

Hampshire College

April 2014